Follow me in


Follow Me In is a collaborative project made together with another photographer – Karla Hiraldo Voleau. It was commisionned by FOAM and exhibited during Les Rencontres d’Arles in 2017. Project also exists in a book form – designed by Jacopo Atzori.

This is what happened. We decided to meet without meeting.

I was following her in her hometown (Paris). I know her back so well now. Later on she came to my adopted city (The Hague) to replace me and live my life. I disappeared while still being around.

This project is an attempt to connect and also to examine what meeting or connecting actually means. It started out like a romantic game. We became intimate, while never being actually close.

How many facts, sights or stories do we need to form an accurate understanding of a personality? Is our image of the other simply a projection of our own presumptions? Can the boundary between art and ‘real life’ be really erased?

Our voyeuristic game turned slightly masochistic. When she got close to my boyfriend the situation go out of my control.

And me, I was replaceable.